Complete Cape Cod Jewelry Collection

Set Includes:


- Classic Edition Cape cod One Ball 925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Bracelet.


- Classic Edition Cape cod One Ball 925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Earrings Set.


- Classic Edition Cape Cod One Ball  925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Necklace and snake chain set. 


+1 Cape cod Jewelry Special Cleaning Cloth.


- Made in the USA.


- Cape Cod Jewelry Original Collection Style.


- Highest quality available.


- 100% Nickel Free.


- 14k gold ball and 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet.


- Durable covers the sterling silver screw ball lock.


- Elegant Jewelry Pouch is included with every item.

Origin and Durability

Our warehouse is in New York but we sell in the cape, we visit the cape many many times a year and work with the shop owners to create the best quality cape cod jewelry orders.


in regards to the durability of our items, i can assure you that you can confidently wear them in the shower or when washing dishes, we design the cape cod bracelets to be worn all the time so you can wear them all day and night.


The Classic cape cod bracelet

The classic cape cod bracelet is heavier than our flex version, the bracelet is solid 925 Sterling Silver and the Ball is Solid 14K Gold, the classic is a sturdy and a great value bracelet.


Why the cape cod bracelet?

Our bracelet is high quality, sturdy and durable, it may be worn all the time, this also means that the hidden screw ball mechanism is elegantly hidden while providing a reliable strong closure making sure your bracelet is secure at all times.


How to open and close our cape cod bracelet:

the correct way to screw it on is to align both sides (the ball and the end of the bracelet) directly and straight opposite each other, if you need to bend the bracelet a bit - that is fine - than screw the ball to the right onto the bracelet, it should work just fine.

P.S. the bracelet will not screw on properly if the end enters the ball at a slant.


How to get the right size every time:

If you need help measuring than the process is simple, take a string and put it around the wrist, hold the length position on the string, than put it out on a measuring tape or ruler, and you will see your wrist size. If your wrist size is say 7" buy a size 7" in our store and you will get the perfect fit every time.


Long Term Care:

we recommend cleaning any dirt from the screw part of the bracelet with a wooden tooth pick and using a cotton Q tip with a drop of WD40 clean the screw tip on the bracelet that connects with the ball.


In addition, wiping down the bracelet with a jewelry polishing cloth in general, is always recommended to keep the sparkle and fresh look of the 14K gold and 925 Sterling Silver Beautiful.


To keep the structure in good shape it's important to fasten it tight with the help of a friend or family member, and perhaps once a week tightening it to make sure its' still tight, during the summer due to sweat and the general weather, check a bit more often.


Try to refrain from wearing the bracelet while doing hard labor or work that might scratch or bruise the Gold or Silver.


When not in use, store the bracelet fastened and in the proper oval shape in the box (and original plastic bag if possible) to maintain the polish and shape.


Complete Cape Cod Jewelry Collection

Bracelet Size:
Earring Set Size:
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